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Patient Reviews:


I have just started the treatment but I would like to mention that I am really pleased with the way Mark explains everything to me and with his thorough assessment of all my symptoms. He makes me feel so positive about my recovery and reassured that I will finally be pain free after years of agony. -Mihaela C.

Professional And Knowledgeable

Luc Archambault was very professional and knowledgeable -Nga P.

Great Education

Great education for me. I learned so much that I will take with me for how I can take care of myself in the future. -Kristoffer D.

Very Refreshing

Very refreshing all round. I came away from my initial appointment feeling confident that you will be able to make a big difference to my present and future well being. -David P.

Very Competent

I have been treated by someone who seems to be a very competent and a knowledgeable chiropractor. Would recommend Optimal Spine to those suffering back problems. -Peter S.

Absolute Pleasure

Mikael is the undisputed king of Chiropractic Bio Physics, an absolute pleasure to have him as my therapist! -Ulric W.


Since coming to the UK 15 years ago, I have failed to find a chiropractor I could trust until now. What a wonderful find – reliable, well-informed, communicative practitioners that know what they are doing and quickly help you get well. -Andrew C.

Excellent Practice

Excellent practice, very professional staff and thorough investigation into my personal back problems. -Louisa R.

Welcoming And Polite

I have had this pain for many years and had given up. However, thanks to my doctor at Optimal Spine I am able to make plans for the future, now that I know what the problem is and that it can be rectified. The doctor ensured that I clearly understood the information I was given, details of my condition, I was not rushed and he was forthcoming and sincere. Staff are always welcoming and very polite. -Winnie S.

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