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Meet Charles | Chiropractor in Croydon

Charles first studied Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham where he graduated from in 1999. After a visit to the careers department he read about chiropractic in a booklet about complimentary medicine. He knew straight away that that is what he wanted to do as a career and went on to study chiropractic at a Masters level at the University of Surrey.


Many people have imbalances in the spine and skeletal system and it is correcting these imbalances that motivates Charles. He likes balancing the body. For example, the pelvis is the foundation of the spine and when it is well balanced and the spine is straight and moving well the nervous system functions at its optimum. The nervous system controls everything from the operation of the internal organs to the movement of the body so when it is functioning well everything else has the best chance of being in good physical condition.


Charles has around ten years experience working in chiropractic general practice. During that time he has successfully treated a range of conditions from whiplash related disorder to low back pain, repetitive strain injury (such as tennis elbow) and muscular disorders like tendonitis. He has had a lot of positive feedback from his patients regarding the improvement in their condition and overall improvement in their health following treatment.

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