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Optimal Spine’s Three Phases Of Care

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You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

First phase of care

During this phase, what we will try to do is give you relief and make you feel better. Depending on your age, condition, and lifestyle, repeated office visits over a couple of weeks may be needed to reduce or eliminate your symptoms. Once this treatment regime has been completed a re-examination will be performed to objectively evaluate your progress.

Second phase of care

Muscle and other soft tissue damage are often still there, after your original symptoms have improved. This phase of corrective care will stabilize the improvement achieved and promote more long-term healing. Visit frequency will be reduced and you will be encouraged to supplement your care with exercises or other self-care procedures. With your ache and pain gone, more complete healing can occur. Stopping care now may risk a relapse.

Third phase of care

You have now reached maximum improvement and periodic chiropractic “check-ups” will be recommended. These wellness visits can detect and help correct new problems before they become serious. Many health-conscious adults choose this type of care for themselves and their children. Like other preventative measures, being ahead of relapses and choosing wellness care can save time and money by helping you stay well.

If you’re looking for chiropractic care in Chiswick, Twickenham or Croydon, we look forward to hearing from you soon! Contact us today.

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