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Try Chiropractic Before You Buy

Yes Mikael!

I’m sure that an Initial consultation with a Doctor of Chiropractic is the right decision I need to make next and would like to take you up on your very generous offer to let me ’ Try Chiropractic before you Buy’
Please go ahead and reserve a space in your busy diary with MY NAME on it because I’m fed up of taking painkillers and waiting for my problem to ‘go away on its own’
I would like to arrange my no risk, nothing to lose and everything to gain, first visit to a Doctor of Chiropractic.
Confirm You Want To Have An Initial Chiropractic Consultation By Entering Your Details In This Form Here And Then Expect A Call From Us Soon.

And Best Of All… our Satisfaction Guarantee

Your first visit to us is “No Risk” and backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which lets you walk away without paying if you’re not happy, meaning that someone else will pay. Or, if at any time up to 365 days after your first visit, you just think you made a mistake by choosing Chiropractic, then you can ring up and ask for your £££ back and be given it in full, with no questions asked.

This allows you to really sample Chiropractic, to test it, and to try it “Risk Free” knowing that Optimal Spine will incur the entire cost of your first visit, if you’re not convinced it was the right decision for you to have made.

This means there is NO WAY you can make a mistake here, you CAN NOT get this decision wrong because by sampling Chiropractic and choosing this “No Risk” first visit option, you only have it all to gain. If you decide you don’t want to pay, you can walk way from your visit knowing there will be no questions, no hassles and no quibbles from us and the expense will be incurred by the clinic.

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The ‘Try Chiropractic Before You Buy’ – Offer Recap:

I understand that applying for the No Risk, Fully Guaranteed, Try Chiropractic Before I Buy, First Visit Option, lets me…

  • Have the option to walk out at the end of my first 40 minutes initial consultation without paying £££ if I don’t think chiropractic was the right decision for me to have made.
  • Sample, test and taste having just about ‘everything done for me’ by a Doctor of Chiropractic, knowing I’m NOT commitment to paying £££ unless I’m 100% convinced that their expertise will help me as I hope.
  • Be the one who decides whether or not I’ll need to get my wallet or purse out at the end of the first 40 minute visit, as I know that I will have the final decision and only have to pay the initial consultation fee if I agree with my Doctor of Chiropractic that he or she will be able to help me moving forward.
  • Finally sit in front of dedicated Doctor of Chiropractic who has seen my problem 1000’s of times before, and probably a few times already today, meaning I’m only DAYS away from starting feeling better and hopefully feel as GOOD as I used to feel again.
  • Get some RELIEF!…From the tension, stiffness, tightness and aches and pains that are blighting my days and interrupting my life, even controlling what I can do and how.
  • Find out exactly what’s happened to me and what will need doing to put it right.
  • Have someone else who knows BEST, do nearly all of the hard work to get my joints soothed and muscles relaxed.
  • Ask any of the questions that are still in my head and concerning me about me health. (Q&A)
  • “Sample” and “get a feel” for the knowledge of the Doctor Of Chiropractic, knowing that I can leave without paying £££ if I’m not happy, or I just think I’ve made a mistake by choosing a Chiropractor.
  • Go back home with a PLAN. And possibly even some exercises so that I can begin to help my self at home, meaning I’ll be exercising safe in the knowledge that what I’m doing isn’t making my problem worse.
  • Uncover lots of handy HINTS, TIPS and “insider advice” that I can swipe and use almost immediately, to help keep the pain, stiffness and tension at bay, until the next time I might need to visit.
  • Reduce the risk that my problem will come back to haunt me anytime soon.
  • Live with the certainty and confidence that comes with knowing that I’m being cared for by a Doctor Of Chiropractic, and that an END to my issues is now much closer than had I left it to chance, “lady luck” or just kept waiting and hoping in vain that tomorrow will be the day I wake up and the problem just vanishes!
  • Consider myself a seriously HEALTH CONSCIOUS individual and confirm that I’m someone who really values their health enough to actually go and do something about it, in the exact same way that any person would do if their car was broken or tooth was aching.
  • Choose my own personal Doctor of Chiropractic to look after me, from a range of both MALE and FEMALE Chiropractors.

Your Next Step

To reserve your first visit with an Chiropractor, simply confirm your details by filling in the form above. And once you’ve done that, click the ‘reserve one for me’ button and keep close to your phone. You can expect an important call from a really nice member of our better health team, very soon…

Ok, Let’s Get You Started On The Road Back To Better Health, Here Now.

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